2015-01/29 – 

It seemed as I could not catch a break. I was finally able to get out of my town after the storms. I got in my car, got ready to head to the nursing home and my transmission let go. My car was undriveable. I was going to have to find another way to get to the nursing home. I gathered my wits about me as best I could and did some research. There was a commuter rail train that ran to Boston from my house. If I could figure out how to get to the nursing home from the train I could go to see her the following day. It was the only way I was gong to get down there and it was not going to be inexpensive. 

I had also started looking for a part time job, something that would allow me the opportunity to spend time with my mother but would be less time-consuming than running my business. All the jobs I found seemed to be near Boston so this was becoming more challenging by the day. I was starting to feel defeated. I was anxious to see my mother in person and not just hear about how she was doing through phone calls to the nursing home. My frustration level was mounting. 

I had an idea, though. My mother’s car was just sitting in her driveway unused. I decided that it would be best to stop by there on my travels to the nursing home so that I could pick it up and use that as transportation for the time being, so I would more easily be able to visit with her.

I was feeling along in my struggles. I had no real support system at the time and nobody to talk to that really understood what I was going through. It was really hard and I felt like I was going to break. At the same time I knew I had to stay strong though. My mother needed me and I was all she had. I needed to be there for her and make sure she was taken care of. I had to put aside my fears and forge onward as best I could.




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