Today I decided to bring in supplies for mini cupcakes. We used a box mix because she was having a real hard time with measuring cups. This was much easier for her to handle and she did a good job. She was so careful and focused when putting the batter in the little cups. It was good for her. It is very therapeutic to keep their manual dexterity as they progress through this disease. Having something detailed like this to do is great for dexterity. She was so happy through the whole thing. 








We sat and talked and drank coffee while the cupcakes baked in the oven. She was going backwards in time. She was telling me stories about how yesterday she was worried she wouldn’t get to the bakery on time. She said she had gotten out of school late and had to run all the way to the bakery to work with Daddy (remember, I was her sister, so even though she was talking about my grandfather it was actually my father).  I had no idea my grandfather worked in a bakery. I knew she worked in a bakery bit never knew my grandfather did. She was telling me how she would tie bows in the boxes and would decorate the cakes out back. These were stories I had never heard. I am not sure how much of it was real but it certainly felt real as she told me. It was a gift, a glimpse into her past that I was being given. Tears came to my eyes as she went on and on about it. 

Later we decorated the cupcakes together and she helped hand them out to each of the residents that were able to eat them. Her words were all that was in my mind as the day went on though. I was so happy to learn something more about my family. Despite the pain and heartache of this disease, there are these little moments that are so special. They are the bright spots that you need to hold onto with all of your might. These little moments are what will give you the strength and fortitude to get through the rough times. It is certainly a roller coaster, but one I was happy to ride on with my mother.

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