The Journey of Dementia

I call it a journey because that is exactly what it is. Dementia has been part of my family for as far back as anyone remembers. It was called different things through the years but it was all dementia. My earliest memory of it was when I was quite yourng. My great grandmother, who lived at home with my grandparents, was sent to live at a nursing home. Back then, they said she was senile. Many years later, I realize she had dementia. I am not sure how long she suffered from this awful disease, but that was only the very beginning of what would become a long journey with dementia. It has touched me so many times since then. 

So welcome to the journey. On these pages I will be sharing my journey and coping techniques. I am putting it all out there in the hopes that it might help someone who is struggling with a loved one who has been diagnosed with this disease or even someone who has just been diagnosed and is now living with it. My fears, my pain, my triumphs and my joy will all be on these pages. And so I say welcome… welcome to The Journey.