It’s All About The Journey


Hi. My name is Angela. I come from a family with an extensive history of dementia. I spent the final five years of my mom’s life being her caregiver, her person, her only link to the past. Before that, I had a vibrant life. I had my dream home at the sea. I had a thriving business as a portrait photographer. I was living all my dreams. They all came crashing down like the waves against the shore after an angry storm in January of 2015. When my mother was diagnosed with dementia, my life truly turned upside down. Somewhere along the way I decided to view it all as a journey, and that is what it was. It is a journey that is precious. It was fraught with emotion, with really high highs and really low lows. 

This site, and all the content I will be adding, will be about my journey. I will try to include some of the research I did along the way as well. My goal is to help others who are going through this. You are not alone! And if you need a kind soul to reach out to, please feel free to reach out to me. My contact information is on the site and I will answer every request. I am here for you. I hope that these pages help. If they help even one person get through the journey, or even just get through a really bad day, then all the effort is worth it.