nursing home

2015-01/21 – 

I called the nursing home the night before to be sure she was ok and they assured me that she was. The next morning I called again. I had told them that she wouldn’t eat much for breakfast except toast, and even then only if orange marmalade was on it.

They told me she had slept well and that she had woken up early that morning. They had decided to let her help distribute drinks to all the residents before breakfast, which she apparently loved doing. Then at breakfast time she actually ate pancakes. I was amazed.

After doing much research I had opted not to go and visit today. I did want to go and see her, but I needed to give her space and time to settle into the routine there and realize that was her home now. It was very hard.


morning coffee

I decided to keep myself busy, since my brain was spinning and my heart was racing from not being there with her. I started doing a lot of research online and I looked for help. I joined Alzheimers and dementia groups on social media, and I spent a lot of time on the Alzheimers Association website. I read so much that day, I cried many tears, and I knew I could not spend a second day home instead of at the nursing home with my mom.

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